Cow pies: A split decision

cow-pie-1Sunday was the second annual Breakneck Hill Cow Fund Family Fun Run and Walk. You can find photos and more on the Southborough Belties website.

When it came to the cow pie bingo contest, the appointed cow decided to make things interesting. From the Belties website:

And we have a winner! Actually, four winners. Against all odds, the cow pie landed on the intersection of four squares. Olympic archers are not so accurate. Those of you with delicate sensibilities may want to avert your eyes now (then again, if you have delicate sensibilities why are you reading a post about cow pie bingo?), but here’s the winning “pie”.


If you missed out on the cow pie contest and fun run, you still have another chance to help the belties this fall by signing up for the charity Texas Hold ‘Em tournament on November 21.

(Photos from the Southborough Belties website)

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