What the fire department has been up to this week

The Southborough Fire Department got good news this week in the form of nearly $60K in federal stimulus money to put toward staffing. The Metrowest Daily News offered these details:

In Southborough, Fire Chief John Mauro said the $59,543 his department was awarded will cover the base salary of a firefighter-paramedic position that was not filled this year.

While the money will cover one additional employee, it will be filled by someone performing two functions for the department, as both a firefighter and paramedic, he said.

“We were very pleased to hear the news,” he said. “This will allow us to restore the position fully.”

Keep reading to learn what else the fire department has been up to this week.

Tuesday 11/17/09
11:07 Unintentional alarm system activation, Cordaville Road

Wednesday 11/18/09
07:43 EMS call, Oregon Road
16:27 Smoke scare, odor of smoke, Turnpike Road
16:27 EMS call, Southville Road

Thursday 11/19/09
01:38 EMS call, Beechwood Lane
12:56 Mutual aid given, Cedar Street, Ashland
23:01 Vehicle accident with injuries, Edgewood Road

Friday 11/20/09
14:23 EMS call, Marlboro Road

Saturday 11/21/09
No calls reported

Sunday 11/22/09
No calls reported

Monday 11/23/09
09:34 EMS call, East Main Street

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Dean Dairy
14 years ago

“While the money will cover one additional employee, it will be filled by someone performing two functions for the department, as both a firefighter and paramedic, he said.”

Huh? Can anyone decipher what that’s supposed to mean? Sounds like a “double-dip” to me.

Isn’t this exactly what’s alleged to be so shady about the “stimulus” and the “jobs created” statistics used to justify it?

John Kendall
14 years ago

Double dip my eye…………….it’s a bargain to have staff trained as Firefighters AND Paramedics. For the price of one, you have a person that can both fight fires, or if needed, act as a Paramedic and provide advanced life support on anyone requiring it. I think Dean needs to study job training and economics. Nothing shady about anything.

dean dairy
14 years ago

Thanks for the clarification, John. Indeed, a bargain for the town, yes, federal funding for one new employee trained to do two functions. Okay, I get that.

But for the federal taxpayer footing the bill, how many “jobs created” will be reported under the stimulus program?

This is important because the stimulus represents a huge pot of debt incurred on the federal level, and all I see is crumbs trickling down. And pressure on the recipients of those crumbs to produce “favorable results.”

For political and bureaucratic reasons the number of “jobs created or saved” being reported in some cases vastly exceeds the number of people actually employed by the funding. And these phony numbers in turn could be used to mask waste and abuse in the program.

In some cases, jobs are being reported in congressional districts that don’t even exist.

My inquiry was whether this would be an instance of more “jobs” reported than employees hired.


“A series of media reports have surfaced in the past week or so, uncovering examples of significant overcounting of stimulus-tied jobs in California, Massachusetts, Texas, Wisconsin, as well several states. For example:

The Boston Globe reviewed the 12,000-plus jobs claimed to have been created or saved by $4 billion in direct stimulus spending in Massachusetts. In one case, a state college reported having added 160 new work-study jobs tied to just $77,181 in stimulus funds. A spokesman for the school, Bridgewater State College, told the Globe that the actual number of jobs was “almost nothing.”

The Globe described the Bay State’s stimulus job figures as “wildly exaggerated.”

A Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel review found a sanitation department in Douglas County, Wis., that admitted to a typo that resulted in an estimate of 100 jobs saved or created, when the actual number was five.

According to USA Today, the Texas recipient of a $26,174 roofing contract reported erroneously that 450 jobs were created or saved when, in fact, six were.”


John Kendall
14 years ago

I don’t think anyone will see the full results of all the stimulus for some time. At least we got a little something.

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