Best gifts in Southborough? What do you think?

Pretty things at Gulbankian Florists and Greenhouses

I could say I love shopping locally for the obvious reason that supporting local businesses helps our community, and that would be true. But particularly around the holidays I love shopping locally because it means I can avoid the mall. And let me tell you, I’ll do just about anything to avoid the mall from now until sometime in January.

So with that in mind, I want to put together a Southborough holiday gift guide, and I need your help. Where do you like to shop in Southborough? What items do you particularly love to give? Do you own a Southborough-based business that’s offering the perfect something for holiday gift-giving?

Let me know in the comments or by email. I’ll compile all the responses into one handy post.

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14 years ago

I am commenting on your post about shopping in Southborough! We have so many wonderfully talented people in Southborough! Check out for amazing handmade soaps, armoma therapy items and so much more! Also check out for some fun and funky pottery! These are two of my favorites! In fact every eyar I plan a party around these two talented woman’s open houses!
Here’s to some fabulous finds in Southborough!!!

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