The latest on the skating rink in Fayville

So many of you have been excited about the new ice rink at Fayville Field. I couldn’t agree more.

The ice was in as of last week, and a message on the Recreation Department website says the rink should open next week. There will be a schedule for free skate, and stick/hockey time.

The rink is being funded by the Friends of Southborough Recreation. Friends co-organizer Melissa Shields left a comment on the blog yesterday announcing a grand opening event on January 9. There will be skating, food, and hot chocolate, so save the date. You can find more information on the Friends’ website ( Volunteers are needed.

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Joe Wannaskate
14 years ago


The new public rink, in the public park (paid by tax payers), will not be open to the public to stop by and “skate”?? How’s that gonna work? Who else will be using the rink if my kids and me will have to wait to skate during “free-skate time”

Might as well go back to the little pond across the tracks…

14 years ago

A public rink paid for by ALL the taxpayers, some with kids who want to skate, some adults who want to skate or play hockey without injuring any kids. Recreation is not just for children. Here’s how it works. You check on the town web site to see what time kids skate and you bring your kids there at that time. Likewise, you check when it is hockey time and your bring your equipment there to play hockey at that time. Very simple.

Jeremiah Mass
14 years ago

Hey Joe – If you took the time to actually read about the rink, you’ll see that it is being funded by a non-profit organization (The Friends of the Southboro Recreation Dept). The park sits unused all winter and this is a great way for children and adults to enjoy the space. Don’t be such a sourpuss and, if you’re going to comment, at least get your facts straight. Happy Holidays to you and your family (although I do feel bad for them).

A Point
14 years ago

I don’t mean to pick on Joe here but I want to take this opportunity to point something out. When did we become a society that only asks the question “What’s in it for me?” This is what is wrong with the world today. A society is about a common good. There are many in this town who pay their property taxes willingly when much of it goes toward schools and don’t bang on the Town House door asking for their money back. There are many, too few unfortunately, who donate their precious time to our town in an effort to make it a better place and all they get is nasty criticism from people who never leave their houses unless it is for their own personal benefit. There are far too many people in this town who have never learned what the phrase “common good,” or “community” for that matter, means. Many of you reading this ought to try doing something that doesn’t benefit you or your family whatsoever and see how it feels

We should value things that don’t just benefit us and those who live inside our houses for goodness sake. We, as a whole in this town, are very fortunate people. We can afford to think of others now and then and not always ask the question “What’s in it for me?”

14 years ago

Well said.

A kind hearted thank you to the The Friends of the Southboro Recreation Deptartment and the volunteers who are making this happen!

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