A Southborough mom thanks her Christmas ‘Angels’

This letter was sent in by a Southborough mother who wished to remain anonymous. She hopes the letter will reach the people whose generosity made for an unforgettable Christmas for her and her two sons.

If you’re looking for a feel-good story today, this one ought to do it.

I am writing this letter because I have no idea who to thank for two wonderful gifts that were left for my sons at my place of employment.

Back on Monday December 21, 2009, I went to work and the person who was was manning the desk that day called down to my office and told my boss that there were two packages for me.  I went down to pick up the packages. They were in a Joseph Brothers paper bag and were both individually wrapped very beautifully.  Each of the gifts had a hand written note on them saying:

“To (my first son’s name)  Merry Christmas Love Santa.”
“To (my second son’s name) Merry Christmas Love Santa.”

There was also a hand written note from the person who was manning the reception desk on Friday, December 21st and it said:

“For (my name) – Delivered on Friday, December 18th at 4:15pm”

The packages were very heavy and my Boss asked me if I knew what they were or who they were from – I had no idea.  My co-workers suggested  that I open one of them to see what some stranger was given to my sons.

When I opened up the first package, I could not believe it and I was in total shock, I sat there in disbelief.  My Boss and co-workers could not believe it either. We opened up the other package and  could not believe it –  both of the gifts contained a LAPTOP COMPUTER!!!  I sat there and I cried.  Could not believe what I was seeing or witnessing.  I was in total shock – thinking who would do this?

My Boss spoke to the person who was “on the desk” as we call it at work,  on that Friday, December 18th.  They asked him if he knew who dropped the packages off.  He said a man came in and asked if I worked out of that building and the desk person said yes.  The man said he wanted to drop these two packages off anonmously and asked the desk person to get them to me.  The desk person called my office, but no one was in.  The man then told the desk person he had to run out to his car and check with his wife on what they should do.  The man came back in and asked the desk person if he could leave the packages for me and if he would make sure that I got them on Monday (which was 12/21).  The desk person asked the man if he wanted to leave his name and contact information and the man replied no, we want to make sure that they (me and my sons) have a good Christmas and we want to make sure she gets them anonymously.

I re-wrapped the gifts in the beautiful  red paper and gold bow.  I put the tags back on them.

On Christmas morning, when I watched my sons open up these gifts, and seeing the look on their faces, I cried.  They even had tears in their eyes.  They could not believe it.  I told them the story behind these mysterious gifts.  I told them that there is a Santa out there that is made up of some really special people.  I wanted them to know the truth about these gifts and how thoughtful someone was.  I wanted them to know that there are some amazing people out there.

To this day I am totally at awe and have no idea who would have done this.   I am so grateful to these strangers aka Santa Clauses aka Angels that have thought so highly of my two sons and of me by giving them a gift I would never be able to afford.   I am hoping that they read this and know how thankful my sons and I are.  Thank you for giving us a Christmas to remember and for giving us a story that we can pass on through our family.

As the mom of these two very lucky boys, I will always be very thankful for what you have done for them.

Signed a very grateful Southborough Mom

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13 years ago

Great story, and it even brought tears to my eyes! I’m happy that such a wonderful family was gifted a special christmas and took the time to thank a complete stranger. Perhaps others have now been prompted to be that christmas angel next year ;-)

13 years ago

I also now have tears in my eyes. The kindness of strangers can do amazing things in times of difficulties. I am happy that this family had a special Christmas, one that won’t soon be forgotten. And to the Angels that left the gifts, you are two very special people!

13 years ago

What a heartwarming story – like the previous commenters, I too had tears in my eyes. Its great to know there are such kind people in the world.

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