Reader comment prompts check of traffic signal on Route 9

Last week, My Southborough reader Chris shared a complaint about the traffic light on Route 9 at White Bagley and Breakneck Hill Roads:

If I’m heading west on Rte. 9 and get in the left turn lane, and there’s no traffic coming (for awhile, think late at night, early AM), I’m still forced to sit and wait, and wait, and wait. The light used to stop westbound traffic and let you have a left turn arrow out of the full cycle, if oncoming traffic was light enough.

And even more frustrating, even if there isn’t any traffic on White Bagley or Breakneck, the cross light still cycles, and then I’m given a green arrow. This is ridiculous, a key use of these pressure pads is to reduce idling time which adds pollutants to the air.

DPW Superintendent Karen Galligan and Town Engineer John Woodsmall read the comment and passed the feedback along to MassHighway who owns the light. Galligan said an engineer from MassHighway went out soon after to check the signaling.

Turns out the vehicle detection sensor on Breakneck Hill Road isn’t working correctly, so the light triggers every cycle whether there are cars there or not, just as Chris described. MassHighway said as soon as the weather improves enough that they can cut grooves in the pavement, they’ll fix the sensors.

As for the left turn lane, MassHighway said signaling there is working fine. Sorry, Chris.

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Papa Rosa
13 years ago

MySouthborough gets results! Well done, Chris and Susan!

13 years ago

Whoah, that’s awesome, many thanks to all! I guess I can wait until spring :-)

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