A nourishing lesson at Neary

(Photo by David Stubbart)

Home bakers know there’s nothing like a fresh loaf of bread straight out of the oven. Thanks to a recent program, a few hundred Neary kids and their families now know the same thing. They also know the bread tastes even better when you share it.

Earlier this month, Neary fourth and fifth graders participated in the Life Skills Bread Baking Program sponsored by Vermont-based King Arthur Flour.  During an assembly, the students learned how to make bread from scratch. They then left with all the supplies to make two loaves at home — one to enjoy themselves and one to donate to those in need.

King Arthur Flour donated 1,400 pounds of flour to the school, along with other bread-making supplies, like yeast and dough scrapers. Neary parents volunteered to assemble all the supplies into bread-making kits each student got to take home. Parent Suzy Green is working to place all the donated bread in area shelters and soup kitchens.

The tasty program was brought to Neary by principal Linda Murdock and fifth-grade teacher David Stubbart. Stubbart said students loved the program, and he hoped they learned from the experience that “a generous spirit builds strong character traits.”

On her blog, The Principal’s Page, Murdock wrote, “I hope that students will not only learn something about the art of bread baking, but also enjoy sharing their new skills with their families and feel good about being able to donate something they made to help others.”

Stubbart — a photographer in his spare time — passed along these photos of the fifth-grade assembly featuring student bakers Julia Labich and Sebastian Royo, and King Arthur Flour instructor Kerry Pollner.

Click any of the thumbnails to enlarge and view as a slideshow.

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13 years ago

This is a GREAT thing!

13 years ago

So great for kids, families and the community!

It kind of sounds a bit like the old “home econcomics” classes we took with a new community service twist! Love it!

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