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New titles for adults and kids at the Southborough Library.


breathlessBreathless, by Dean Koontz
When Colorado carpenter Gary Adams spots two mysterious creatures in the woods near his house, he calls on his friend, veterinarian Cammy Rivers for advice. But like Gary, Cammy has never seen an animal resembling this beautiful species. But when the Department of Homeland Security puts a call out for Gary and Cammy because of these animals, the two risk everything to protect the creatures. (Library catalog | Amazon)

not-my-daughterNot My Daughter, by Barbara Delinsky
A pregnancy pact between three teen-aged girls puts their mothers’ love to the ultimate test in this emotionally wrenching story of love and forgiveness.
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kids-are-all-rightThe Kids Are All Right: A Memoir, by Diana Welch
The poignant, harrowing story of four siblings–Amanda, Liz, Dan, and Diana Welch–who despite their wrenching loss and subsequent separation, retained the resilience and humor that both their mother and father endowed them with–growing up as lost souls, taking disastrous turns along the way, but eventually coming out right side up and being together again. (Library catalog | Amazon)


ghosts-girlfriends-pastGhosts of Girlfriends Past
Connor Mead is the kind of guy who dumps three girlfriends – at one time and by teleconference. So when he goes home to attend his brother’s wedding, he has a singular goal in mind: score with the only bridesmaid he has somehow managed to miss. But the ghost of his departed Uncle Wayne – who taught him to love ’em and then leave ’em – has another goal in mind: restore Connor’s lost faith in true love. This will be a tough assignment, one that will require many past girlfriends and the ghosts of his past, present and future. (Library catalog | Amazon)

tudorsThe Tudors: The Complete Third Season
Created for television by Michael Hirst. Originally broadcast on Showtime. Contains all 8 episodes from the third season.
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grizzliesFace to Face With the Grizzly, by Joel Sartore
Ever been face-to-face with a grizzly bear? Joel Sartore has–and he lived to tell this and other great tales in “Face to Face with Grizzlies.” Through stunning photography and engaging storytelling, this National Geographic expert takes you into the bears’ world. Witness a mother bear charge a human intruder. Watch male bears battle. Find out the grizzly’s idea of a fast-food take-out. Joel Sartore invites young readers to coexist with this fearsome bear. (Library catalog | Amazon)

sophieSophie Peterman Tells the Truth, by Sarah Weeks
Sophie Peterman is an expert on younger siblings and she is her to tell you all about what it is like to have a baby in the house. Babies are not sweet. Babies are not precious. Babies are not cute. Babies are… What, you thought she’d just give it away? Well, here’s a hint: It’s not pretty. (Library catalog | Amazon)

tallymanTricking the Tallyman, by Jacqueline Davies
In 1790, the suspicious residents of a small Vermont town try to trick the man who has been sent to count their population for the first United States Census.
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knuckleheadKnucklehead  by Jon Scieszka (Book on CD)
Have you ever ad your brother try to sell you your own shirt? Made a list of all the bad words you know a for your teacher who is a nun? Believed one of those AMAZING ads in the back of a comic book? Broken your brother’s collarbone playing football a four times? Tied your little brother into his bed with your dad’s ties? Jon Scieszka has. Which is probably why Jon’s dad used to call him and his five brothers KNUCKLEHEADS.
Here is Jon’s side of the story. And here, at last, is the memoir that might answer some of the questions of how the heck does someone think up a story of a little man made of very smelly cheese. (Library catalog | Amazon)

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