Town considers closing Fayville Hall

At their meeting on Tuesday night, Selectmen briefly discussed closing Fayville Hall as a way to save the town some cash. It’s something that’s been under consideration for some time now.

There are two town organizations currently in Fayville Hall — Southborough Youth and Family Services and the cable television office. Town Administrator Jean Kitchen said talks were underway with school officials to relocate SYFS to one of the school buildings, although a specific spot has not yet been identified.

As for the cable office, Kitchen said the basement of the Arts Center might be an option.

Closing Fayville Hall would save the town $5,720 annually in utilities.

A final decision on shuttering the building has not been made. No word on whether the town would consider selling off the property if they decide to close it.

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14 years ago

I dont give my 2 cents much on this blog, but I keep seeing the words, considering, and thinking. Fayville Hall is a perfect place to break the ice. Relocated the offices and close the Hall doors. Its common sence, its something we could live without. Its a little savings, BUT ITS A SAVINGS!!

14 years ago

With all the problems that the building has right now, closing it would be a huge savings in the long run.

14 years ago

Perhaps a better alternative would be to close the “Arts Building” where we pay a fortune in utilities and where we are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in silly “historical” renovations!

We could easily move the Rec Dept and the Facilities manager to Fayville Hall.

Why are the tax payers in Southboro spending tens of thousands of dollars each year to pay for the “Arts Center” which is a private group that is not paying 0ne penny to the town?????

14 years ago

I think we should close both buildings. The Arts Center is a huge money pit. Everytime I see that we need to give more money toward that building I cringe! I’m sure it costs a fortune to heat that old cave.

14 years ago

I have wonderful memories of this building and I know it is in need of renovation. I hope it will find someone who willl bring it back to being a functional part of the Fayville/Southboro community.A shame to lose such a well proportioned New England building.

Kelly Roney
14 years ago

How much of the $5720 would be eaten up by winterizing and moving? It may be a good idea, but I doubt it solves any of the budget problem for the next fiscal year.

14 years ago

Not only close it, we should sell along with the lot next to it that town wasted so much money on a few years ago.

De M
14 years ago

I get how everyone feels about the buildings mentioned. But seriously . Do you really think they are going to sell? They are both in the middle of residential neighborhoods. Are those neighbors ready for Stop &Shop (I can dream) to move in? Really?

There is a beautiful building down by the train station that just got auctioned off and is now once again for lease.

Know why did we buy the old church that is the Senior Center and the house on the corner of 85 and 30 ? And several other bad decisions.

This is what happens every time. We get fired up and then worn down and tired. We need to stop and think and have a plan before we vote anything in or out. A real, we can execute tomorrow, plan.

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