Tree stumps in Flagg Road area to be removed

If you’ve driven around the Flagg Road area lately, you’ve no doubt noticed some massive tree stumps along the sides of the roads — the remnants of some 38 trees cut down by National Grid back in January.

Commenter Kaysee recently posed this question about the tree removal work:

So, now that they have cut these trees down, who is responsible for cleaning up the piles of wood they left behind on resident’s lawns? Some of the trees they cut down, were left very tall stumps. One has even been fashioned with a reflective pole so drivers won’t hit it. If you aren’t going to fully do the job, don’t do it at all.

Town Engineer John Woodsmall saw the comment and decided to check with the town’s tree warden. Woodsmall told me the tree warden has been working with the tree removal contractor to schedule a grinder to take care of the stumps. But they have to wait until they’re reasonably sure there won’t be a snow storm to interfere with the grinding (guess this week’s out).

Woodsmall also said that if any wood is left behind after a tree removal, the property owner should contact the DPW and they’ll make sure it gets removed.

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