In my backyard: A red-headed friend and a pair of love birds

You all were so helpful last time in identifying my backyard birds — much better and more fun than a bird book, really — so here are a couple more for you. I suspect these might be easy ones.

A woodpecker, perhaps?


And these two who visit every couple days and are always together. They never stray very far from each other. It’s quite sweet. I’m guessing some kind of dove or pigeon.


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John Kendall
14 years ago

That is a woodpecker. In fact, it’s a Red Bellied Woodpecker. The others are Mourning Doves

14 years ago

The second are a pair of mouring doves, the first a red-bellied woodpecker! Aren’t they beautiful!

14 years ago

I thought the same thing, but look closely at his belly. There is a small red patch in the white feathers!

14 years ago

I think you’re giving a helpless little bird a hard time! Wink, wink, nod, nod!

13 years ago

I have a red-bellied woodpecker at my suet cage as well as a norther flicker. They resemble each other, so I have to look more than once to make sure which one is there.

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