New smoke detector regulations go into effect in April

The Southborough Fire Department wants to alert residents that new smoke detector regulations go into effect in April. The regulations affect homes built prior to 1975.

Here’s what Fire Chief John Mauro Jr. said about the changes:

The regulation will require that only photoelectric smoke detectors be installed within 20 feet of a kitchen or bath containing a shower, in order to reduce nuisance alarms from cooking smoke or steam that lead people to disable their smoke alarms. Areas located beyond this 20 foot area will be required to contain dual detection, both photoelectric and ionization, using either a single detector or two separate ones.

Enforcement of the regulation takes place when a house is sold or transferred, so you’ll want to be aware of this if you plan to put your house on the market anytime soon.

You can read more details in the full press release. The regulation goes into effect on April 5.

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