The week in government

On Tuesday, selectmen consider whether to approve a police lieutenant position and whether to rais fees for ambulance services. Also on Tuesday, the library holds its first ever State of the Library Address.

On Wednesday, the Southborough School Committee holds a public hearing on the proposed budget for next year.

Monday, March 8
Advisory Committee, 7:30 pm @ Hearing Room, Town House (agenda)

Tuesday, March 9
Emergency Planning and Southborough Management Committee, 10:00 am @ Emergency Ops Center, Fire Station
Board of Selectmen, 6:00 pm @ Hearing Room, Town House (agenda)
Assabet School Committee, 7:00 pm @ School Committee Conf. Room, Assabet
State of the Library Address, 7:00 pm @ Southborough Library (more)

Wednesday, March 10
Woodward School Council, 3:30 pm @ Office Conference Room, Woodard School
Southborough School Committee, 6:30 pm @ Library, Trottier Middle School (agenda)

Thursday, March 11
Trust Fund Advisory Committee, 8:00 am @ First Floor Conf. Room, Town House
Board of Assessors, 8:30 am @ Hearing Room, Town House
Recycling Committee, 7:30 pm @ Conference Room, DPW Building

Friday, March 12
Workplace Safety Committee, 9:00 am @ Hearing Room, Town House

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The new and better PD
14 years ago

Can I recommend the rank structure I think the town really needs ?
Public Safety Commissioner
Deputy Chief
Assistant to the Deputy Chief

Reserve Police Commissioner
Reserve Chief
Reserve Deputy Chief
Reserve Assistant to the Deputy Chief
Reserve Captain
Reserve Lieutenant
Reserve Sergeant
Reserve Corporal
Reserve Patrolman

Special Police Commissioner
Special Chief
Special Deputy Chief
Special Assistant to the Deputy Chief
Special Captain
Special Lieutenant
Special Sergeant
Special Corporal
Special Patrolman

Now everybody will be happy and no more backroom deals !

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