In the media: Southborough firefighters practice ice rescues

Whether it’s a bunch of balloons or something more precious, Southborough firefighters take ice rescues seriously.

The Worcester Telegram and Gazette recently tagged along with some of our firefighters as they practiced ice rescue safety drills on the Sudbury Reservoir. It was part of an article on how dangerous semi-frozen bodies of water can be this time of year. Here’s an excerpt:

Southboro firefighters do ice rescue safety drills routinely when winter begins — even though the public is not allowed on the reservoir. Earlier this week they hit the ice at a time they said is dangerous for the public — the end of cold weather.

“This is the perfect ice for people to fall through,” Firefighter Franks said. “Right now it is getting warm, the spring is coming; the ice is thawing. It looks safe. A lot of places it’s not safe. This is a really dangerous time of year.”

You can read the full article in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette. And be sure to check out this video to see the firefighters in action.

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