The race is on: Key positions contested in Southborough elections

It looks like Southborough voters will have choices to make when they head to the ballot box on May 10. Signatures still have to be certified, but as of yesterday’s filing deadline, races for Selectmen, Planning Board, and the Board of Health were all contested.

Political newcomer John Rooney has decided to challenge incumbent Sal Giorlandino for the position of selectmen. Giorlandino is running for a second term. Rooney previously served on the Police Chief Search Committee, but ultimately resigned citing concerns about the process.

When Planning Board member Richard “Chuck” Connors decided not run for re-election, it paved the way for a three-way race between Lisa Braccio, Paul Cimino, and Andrew Mills.

A seat on the Board of Health is also contested, with Desheng Wang and Mary Lou Woodford both running for the first time. Incumbent Richard Seder resigned in December but was not immediately replaced.

In uncontested races, Deboarah Keefe will run for a position on the K-8 School Committee, and Daniel Kolenda will run for a spot on the Regional School Committee. Keefe and Kolenda are both incumbents who were appointed to their respective committees last September after Paul Gaffney, who served on both committees, resigned.

Here’s a complete list of candidates. Incumbents are in italics.

  • Moderator (vote for one): David Coombs
  • Board of Selectmen (vote for one): Salvatore Giorlandino, John Rooney
  • Board of Commissioners of Trust Funds (vote for one): Nicholas McCoy
  • Board of Assessors (vote for one): Shirley Bator
  • Board of Health (vote for one): Desheng Wang, Mary Lou Woodford
  • Board of Library Trustees (vote for three): Marguerite Landry, Beth Rosenbloom, Richard Wallace
  • K-8 School Committee (vote for one): Deborah Keefe
  • Regional School Committee (vote for one): Daniel Kolenda
  • Planning Board (vote for one): Lisa Braccio, Paul Cimino, Andrew Mills
  • Southborough Housing Authority (vote for one): Robert Jachowicz

A note to the candidates: If you would like to run a statement in support of your candidacy on, please contact me.

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13 years ago

I believe that everyone should vote for John Rooney. He got a large amount of signatures, which shows that many people in town believe he can do good at this position. He will make the town of Southborough a much better town! He has some amazing points and these points will make him an amazing board of selectmen. He is all around a perfect person for this job! On May 10th everyone should vote for John Rooney!

My Support
13 years ago

I’d hold a sign for Mr. Rooney if it was ten below and snowing an inch an hour and I don’t even live in Southboro ! He won’t necessarily be able to undo whats been done, but he sure can give the BOS a lesson in ethics.

John Kendall
13 years ago

Never heard of him. What is he really going to do for the Town, or more importantly, the residents?

13 years ago

“..A lesson in ethics” seems a bit of a stretch, at best, and a near slander, at worst. Is there some accusation outstanding about this BoS members? I am unaware of any. If not, maybe the incumbent deserves an apology.
Mr. Rooney has every right to run and his supporters live in a land where speech is free but I think that allegation was uncalled for.
As for Mr. Rooney’s candidacy, I hope if he gets elected, he won’t resign the first time the majority votes against his point of view.

13 years ago

I think that comment was rude and uncalled for. Mr. Rooney had a reason to resign. Maybe if you knew him you would know otherwise. Dont talk badly about someone who would make Southborough better.

13 years ago


southsider’s comment was neither rude nor uncalled for. He makes a valid point of concern based on Mr. Rooney’s past decisions and squarely directed at the viability of his expectations as a potential member of the BOS. I brought up the same issue by asking specific questions of Mr. Rooney after his “Meet the Candidate” post and have gotten no response whatsoever. So much for his engaging us in dialogue on this blog as he promised in his first post last week.

All of his supporters coming on this blog and claiming that he had good reason to resign from the police chief search committee does not make it so, nor does it satisfy our need for additional clarification, from him, now that he has chosen to run for Selectman. If he cannot address this one issue related to his previous (I am now gathering very limited?) experience in public service, how can he expect us to vote for him?

Already he seems to have wrongly anticipated what it means to enter the political realm. You might be asked questions you will not like and the expectation is that you are prepared to stand up and answer them. Where did you go Mr. Rooney?

Neil Rossen
13 years ago

My position is simple – vote for anyone not currently on the BOS. We have to take on the unions and really reduce school costs, and this BOS has no stomache for it.

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