A bit more on the ‘Southborough Eight’ investigation

The Metrowest Daily News today ran a story on Selectman Sal Giorlandino’s recent statement defending the investigation of eight Southborough town employees. It’s largely the same information you’ve read here, but reporter Evan Lips did get the chance to ask Giorlandino if the investigation was in any way related to commenter “Marty.”

On April 22, the Daily News reported that Bachrach charged the town more than $3,000 for his work investigating the identity of “Marty,” a person who selectmen say wrote inaccurate comments on a local blog regarding last year’s hiring of a police chief.

When asked if the town’s investigation of eight employees was related to “Marty,” Giorlandino again said he could not comment.

The MWDN says they’re still waiting to receive copies of the legal bills for the investigation of the town employees. By law, the town has until the end of the week to respond to the request.

In justifying the investigation — PizzaGate, UnoGate, DeepDish, call it what you will — Girolandino said selectmen were required to take action by the town’s professional conduct policy. Bits of that policy have been quoted in comments on this blog and in the MWDN, but for those of you who have asked, here is the policy in its entirety (PDF).

The investigation was also discussed by both candidates for selectmen at last night’s meet the candidate event. I’ll have more on that in a post later today.

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