Town elections on Monday: Here’s what you need to know

Hopefully it comes as no surprise to you that town elections are on Monday. Here’s everything you need to know to make your vote count, from where to cast it to who you’ll find on the ballot.

Where to vote
Southborough has three precincts, and each precinct votes at a different location. Don’t know what precinct you’re in? Visit You can also check the precinct map (PDF) posted by the Town Clerk’s office.

  • Precinct 1: Woodward Elementary School, 28 Cordaville Rd. (map)
  • Precinct 2: Trottier Middle School, 49 Parkerville Rd. (map)
  • Precinct 3: Finn School, 60 Richards Rd. (map)

Polls are open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Who’s on the ballot
There are three contested races this year. By far the most heated is the race for Selectman between incumbent Sal Giorlandino and challenger John Rooney. Three residents originally signed up to run for a single seat on the Planning Board, but candidate Lisa Braccio recently withdrew from the race, leaving Paul Cimino and Andrew Mills vying for the spot.

Rounding out the contested races, Desheng Wang and Mary Lou Woodford are squaring off for a seat on the Board of Health.

You can find a complete list of candidates below. Click a name to read the candidate’s statement where available.

  • Moderator (vote for one): David Coombs, incumbent
  • Board of Selectmen (vote for one): Salvatore Giorlandino, incumbent; John Rooney
  • Board of Commissioners of Trust Funds (vote for one): Nicholas McCoy, incumbent
  • Board of Assessors (vote for one): Shirley Bator, incumbent
  • Board of Health (vote for one): Desheng Wang, Mary Lou Woodford
  • Board of Library Trustees (vote for three): Marguerite Landry, Beth Rosenbloom, Richard Wallace
  • K-8 School Committee (vote for one): Deborah Keefe
  • Regional School Committee, Southborough candidate (vote for one): Daniel Kolenda
  • Regional School Committee, Northborough candidate (vote for one): Joan G. Frank, incumbent
  • Planning Board (vote for one): Lisa Braccio*, Paul Cimino, Andrew Mills
  • Southborough Housing Authority (vote for one): Robert Jachowicz, incumbent

* Planning Board candidate Lisa Braccio withdrew from the race last week, but her name will still appear on the ballot.

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Steve Morreale
14 years ago

Happy Mother’s Day to all Southborough mothers!

Tomorrow is the day for our Town to vote.

Please vote and vote your conscience. I am voting for change, and will cast my vote for John Rooney for Selectman and Paul Cimino for Planning Board.

I am hoping for another “Scott Brown” moment on Monday night. It is refreshing and healthy for us to have choices this year.

For those who have chosen to support John Rooney, I feel he can bring a fresh perspective and new leadership to the BOS. I hope more of my fellow voters will give John serious consideration while in the voting booth.

For those who have chosen to support Paul Cimino, I feel that he will bring his legal/real property and engineering experience for the Town.

I understand that if change does not occur, we will need to get back to work, work out the differences and get back to the important work to improve services, communication and reestablish our Town governance. We need to establish a new vision and strategy over the next ten years for the Town of Southborough.

While I have come forward with my endorsement for John Rooney and Paul Cimino, regardless of your choice, please exercise your right and ability to vote and allow democracy to work tomorrow from 8am to 8 pm. Thank you.

All the best,
Steve Morreale

Sue Grinblatas
14 years ago

I recall that that Desheng Wang ran for Board of Health in the past and was defeated. At that time, he was also a key player on Tony Kwon’s massive and hotly opposed plan to expand develop all of the land from Framingham Road, through Overlook Dr., the entire hilltop between Overlook and Lyman Street with 130+ 55 and over units, and to put the septic for the whole business on School St. At that time Dr. Wang’s “residence” was list as an apartment owned by Tony Kwon on Newton St. I am wondering if Mr. Wang is still a principle of Carr Research, as he was when the above project was brought before the Town/when he ran for Board of Health last time. Carr Research’s website says: “After a telephone conversation with any one of our staff members, you will know that you are in the hands of competent scientists and engineers. CRL emphasizes quality and efficiency while uniquely tailoring its services to fit your project needs. Also, CRL routinely works with landowners, developers, builders, surveyors, civil engineers, attorneys, realtors, architects, landscape architects, municipalities, or other professionals to accomplish the desired project objectives within the parameters of the myriad laws governing land use.” I have to admit that I am unclear as to why someone with these clear objectives would want to be on the Board of Health of Southborough. He will not be getting my vote.

Michael Moore
14 years ago
Reply to  Sue Grinblatas

Hello Sue,

Both of the candidates for Board of Health spoke at the “meet the candidates” meeting at the fire station, and I think either would be a good addition to the board. Mr. Wang presented himself as offering a perspective for the board that may be different from those already represented (that of an engineer with a particular focus on waste management). He also spoke at some length on his philosophy of community, public health service and septic systems.

I cannot speak as to whether his skills would be as valuable to the Board of Health as he believes, but I have no doubt regarding his energy and enthusiasm for a role on the board.

14 years ago

Thank you Susan for all the great information.

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