Community Preservation Committee to hold public forum on Thursday

Perhaps you’ve seen the blue signs announcing “CPA funds at work” in front of the affordable home at 209 Parkerville Road, or in front of the Arts Center. Money from the Community Preservation Act has funded a number of projects in town since it was adopted in 2003. Funds for fiscal year 2012 are up for grabs, and a public forum on Thursday will explain how to apply for a piece of the CPA pie.

The CPA allows the town to collect a property tax surcharge that, along with some matching funds from the state, is used for open space preservation, creation of community housing, preservation of historic buildings and landscapes, and creation of recreation opportunities.

The state used to match dollar-for-dollar money collected by the town, but the percent matched has decreased over the past two years and is now closer to 30%.

At the public forum on Thursday night, CPC members will explain the process for applying for CPA funds for fiscal year 2012. Town Meeting ultimately decides how CPA money gets spent, but the CPC makes recommendations to voters.

The meeting starts at 7:00 pm at the Town House Hearing Room (second floor). The deadline for CPA applications is June 17.

You can learn more about the history of the CPA in Southborough on the CPC website (

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