Algonquin students are sleepy, but happy

In a recent survey conducted by Algonquin’s Student Advisory Committee, 82% of Algonquin students reported they don’t get enough sleep. But junior Eddie Lowe from Northborough, one of the students who helped administer the survey, told the Regional School Committee Wednesday night that while students may be sleep deprived, they’re not unhappy.

Lowe said that while some students said they don’t get enough sleep because of time management issues, most attributed their sleep shortages to after-school jobs and extracurriculars. “They’re things they want to do,” Lowe said, so the sleep trade-off doesn’t seem to mar their overall experience at Algonquin.

Superintendent Charles Gobron said the vast majority of students surveyed rated their happiness at Algonquin as an eight, nine, or ten on a ten-point scale.

Regional School Committee member Lynne Winters said lack of sleep is a product of an “overscheduled society.” She said many students surveyed said they have before-school meetings several times a week. The Algonquin school day starts at 7:20 am.

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