Southborough crimes make headlines

Thankfully, crime is not something we find ourselves dealing with much here in Southborough, but a couple of recent crimes in town made their way to the pages of the Metrowest Daily News.

Earlier in the month, a resident of the Southborough Motor Lodge on Route 9 allegedly spent the weekend terrorizing his ex-girlfriend, chasing her with his car and threatening to kill her, among other things. Southborough police served him with a restraining order, which he promptly violated. He was then promptly arrested.

This weekend, a patron of the Red Roof Inn was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior. This is a family blog, so I’m not going to repeat here what the cops allegedly found him doing. You can read it in the MWDN.

And finally, another man was charged for his role in the fatal crash on Southville Road back in December 2008. The man was a passenger in a car that rammed a second car off the road, killing its teen-aged driver.

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13 years ago

Southborough police are extremely understaffed. There is usually only two cops on duty at a time. (Yes, in the whole town) They don’t have the time to get into all the crime going on in town because they dont have the appropriate resources. Thanks you Southborough Police for your hard work! Some of us do appreciate it!

13 years ago

A big thank you to the Southborough PD. The Red Roof Inn is nothing but a hot spot for trouble. That place needs to be shut down, and torn down. Southborough has been in MWDN lately, and none of it good. This is just another kick in the ….. fill in the blank

13 years ago

I agree with “Townie’s” comment…tear it down. Why do we even have a Red Roof Inn in a nice town like Southborough or a Southborough Motor Lodge? Those types of places are like magnets for people of that kind of behavior and we don’t need that around here….no one does.

John Kendall
13 years ago
Reply to  Ressie

We have those places because they were originally built for travellers. Back when my parents owned the Wagon Wheel Diner on Route 9 (where Subway and Dominoes are now), long distance truckers would eat at the diner, then spend the night at the motor lodge. Then Route 290 was expanded as was Route 495, and the heavy truck traffic was gone. Red Roof was built to handle short stays of folks going to Data General and other up and coming corporations at the crossroads of I-495 and Route 9. Now we have nicer hotels, so……..the Motor Lodge now takes in long term renters who are down on their luck, and Red Roof…..they are still making money.

Read This
13 years ago

Townie and Ressie, ummm, just “tear it down” ? It is private property, right? What planet are you guys on?

Mr. Kendall, thanks for the history details — nice post.


Townie 2
13 years ago

I recall a while back there was something about the Red Roof Inn contracting with the State to house Chapter (something) people for several months at a time. I understood that to mean the State was bringing welfare folks from somewhere else into Southboro and any kids in the Inn would be placed in the Southboro schools with no payment from the State to Southboro.

Does anyone know if the recent crimes at Red Roof Inn were related to this State program? I wonder of the State can be asked to pay Southboro police for extra work related to this.

Deb Moore
13 years ago

Well, all I know about that Red Roof Inn is, when many of my family members came for our baby’s blessing, some of them stayed there. My house is only so big.

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