What the fire department has been up to

Tuesday 5/25/10
13:59 EMS call, Ambassador Drive, Westborough
14:25 EMS call, Mass Pike West
21:08 Authorized controlled burning, Walnut Drive and Oak Hill Road

Wednesday 5/26/10
09:06 Good intent call, William Onthank Lane
11:59 Extrication of victims from vehicle, Marlboro Road
12:54 Unintentional smoke detector activation, no fire, Fisher Road
14:45 Unintentional alarm system activation, Oregon Road
14:50 EMS call, Turnpike Road
15:47 EMS call, North Street
17:03 Mobile property or vehicle fire, Turnpike Road and Brook Lane
17:28 Unintentional alarm system activation, Main Street

Thursday 5/27/10
00:48 EMS call, Boston Road
10:23 Smoke or odor removal, North Street
12:58 Hazardous condition, Sunrise Drive

Friday 5/28/10
15:53 EMS call, Brookside Road

Saturday 5/29/10
00:51 Assist police or other agency, Leonard Drive
09:05 Alarm system activation, Leonard Drive
10:03 EMS call, Main Street
16:33 Arching/shorted electrical equipment, Wyeth Circle
18:39 Assist invalid, Moulton Road

Sunday 5/30/10
07:39 EMS call, Southville Road
18:32 EMS call, Moulton Road
20:47 EMS call, Red Gate Lane
21:14 EMS call, Main Street

Monday 5/31/10
09:22 Smoke scare, odor of smoke, Vickery Hill Lane and Mt. Vickery Road
11:02 EMS call, Main Street
14:02 Smoke scare, odor of smoke, Ward Road
14:57 EMS call, Main Street, Hopkinton
20:20 EMS call, Main Street
20:32 Building fire, Fitzgerald Lane

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