Neighbors want an end to St. Mark’s traffic

In all the discussion about St. Mark’s lawn last week, a couple commenters also griped about bus traffic to and from the school along School Street and Latisquama Road. Residents along both roads presented a petition to selectmen last week asking them to do something about traffic they called “dangerous.”

The Metrowest Daily News has the story:

“Trucks and charter buses are traveling on Latisquama Road and School Streets, roads that are heavy vehicle-excluded,” Latisquama Road resident Tom McCarthy told the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday. “We’re here to ask you with our petition to enforce the heavy-vehicle exclusion to relieve the burden on Main Street and Latisquama Road.”

But requiring charter buses and delivery trucks to use St. Mark’s main entrances off Rte. 85 is not feasible, school officials say.

“There are serious engineering issues and safety concerns to consider if we use the Rte. 85 entrance,” said St. Mark’s Business Manager Bob Meyer. “And an outside traffic consultant has told us that St. Mark’s use of School Street for truck deliveries and buses is not restricted by the traffic regulation permit in question.”

You can read more in the MWDN.

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