Southborough resident promotes motorcycle safety

The Community Advocate recently profiled Southborough resident and motorcycle enthusiast Doc D’Errico who works to promote safe driving among motorcycle riders:

The allure of motorcycles for Doc D’Errico ignited long before he could even reach the footpegs. The sight and sound of his neighbor’s 1949 Indian left D’Errico wide-eyed and wanting to ride. Walks near police motorcycle fleets with his dad further fueled his draw. At 17, he enrolled in driving school, got to mount the saddle and rev the throttle. That’s when the real fun began. It wasn’t until years later, when he joined a motorcycle club and wanted to become a ride captain, that he took the required experienced rider course and began paying attention to news reports on the large number of motorcycle accidents. D’Errico suddenly enlarged his passion for riding to include a passion for helping other riders stay safe.

Read more in the Community Advocate.

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