Do you drink the water in Southborough?

Above: One of Southborough’s three water tanks, this one on Tara Road

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority recently released its annual water quality report — you should have received a copy in the mail, but you can also check it out online — and Southborough did just fine. When tested for PCE, lead, and copper, our water was well below the detection limits.

So, tell me, do you drink the tap water in Southborough? Or do you prefer to get yours from a bottle? Answer the poll below and jump in on the comments with any thoughts.

(Note: If you’re reading this via the daily email update, you’ll need to visit the website to vote in the poll.)

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Al Hamilton
12 years ago

There are a number of folks in town who do not have access to public water so I suggest a 4th alternative (Well Water)

Most of the Pine Hill Road neighborhood does not have access to public water. I believe there are a few other areas of town that are also not served.

12 years ago

Town water is fine. Amen.

Dick Snyder
12 years ago

We moved to Southborough in 1970 and drank town water until we built a house on Pine Hill Road in 2001. Al Hamilton points out that most of Pine Hill Road must now drink well water. During our many years drinking town water it was excellent and of high quality according to the (infrequent) reports that we read.

12 years ago

I filter my water because my home is very old and I wonder what shape the pipes that bring water to my house are in. That being said, the weight of the filter when I replace it is proof enough that filtering, at least in my case, is a very good idea. I don’t know if it is my pipes or the water, but I wouldn’t want all that in my or my family’s bodies. It is very inexpensive to buy a Pur water filter and connect it to your kitchen faucet.

Deb Moore
12 years ago

We’ve been using filter pitchers since forever, living in many places, so it’s a habit, and I voted “filtered”, but really, we drink it straight from the tap just as often these days.

12 years ago

I am very glad to see that the majority of those who responded DO drink water from the tap!

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