What the fire department has been up to

Among other calls this week, the Southborough Fire Department provided mutual aid in Westborough on Sunday when a canoe carrying three men capsized on Westborough’s Mill Pond. One of the boaters, a 28-year-old man from Worcester, drown in the accident.

Tuesday 6/29/10
03:26 EMS call, Boston Road
13:47 Unintentional smoke detector activation, no fire, Southville Road
16:24 Vehicle accident with injuries, Turnpike Road
17:40 Brush/grass fire, River Street

Wednesday 6/30/10
02:06 EMS call, Framingham Road
03:18 Cover assignment, Maple Street, Marlborough
06:09 EMS call, William Onthank Lane
06:37 Alarm system activation due to malfunction, Atwood Street
06:53 Smoke or odor removal, Davis Road
07:39 EMS call, Parkerville Road
12:49 EMS call, Newton Street
13:48 EMS call, Newton Street
15:09 EMS call, Turnpike Road
18:47 Cover assignment, Worcester Road, Framingham
21:23 Electrical wiring problem, Sears Road

Thursday 7/1/10
11:02 Unintentional transmission of alarm, Harvest Lane
12:14 Unintentional transmission of alarm, Main Street

Friday 7/2/10
No calls reported

Saturday 7/3/10
15:35 EMS call, Maynard, Framingham

Sunday 7/4/10
01:22 Motor vehicle/pedestrian accident, 495 North
14:30 Good intent call, Cordaville Road
19:13 EMS call, Fisher Street/Mill Pond, Westborough
19:56 EMS call, Northboro Road
20:08 EMS call, Hidden Meadow Lane
20:26 EMS call, Main Street
20:31 EMS call, Turnpike Road

Monday 7/5/10
14:45 EMS call, Main Street, Framingham
15:27 Alarm system activation due to malfunction, Meeting House Lane
15:50 Brush/grass fire, Boston Road
16:18 Electrical wiring problem, Stockwell Lane
17:42 Vehicle accident, Turnpike Road
19:23 EMS call, William Onthank Lane
20:02 EMS call, William Onthank Lane

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13 years ago


13 years ago

Pretty narrow minded “Bob A”. Hope you never need it. I, for one, will be proud if we use that ladder truck just once to save someone’s life.

John Kendall
13 years ago
Reply to  minimom

Thanks minimom. All it takes is once because we all know there is no price on a person’s life.

Billy J
13 years ago

Every Town and City in the USA has a ladder truck. Bob, you should call and ask how many times they use theirs. The last I knew the ladder truck was part of the Fire Dept. along with the pumpers and rescues, ambulances, ect. This is a small town but small towns have big fires too and having a ladder truck on the Fire Dept makes me feel safer.

Mark Ford
13 years ago

The quint was a big expense for the town, and I hope that 20 years from now we are in a position to say we never needed it.

That’s a much better outcome than needing it, and not having it. Bob, my guess is you know that.

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