From Afghanistan to Southborough: Heartfelt thanks

This spring 500 care packages were sent from Southborough to troops stationed in Afghanistan. What was returned to our town was a whole lot of gratitude.

Organizers Debbie Depp-Wilson and Lisa Braccio have received a collection of thank you notes from the troops. I’ve excerpted some below, but you can read more here (pdf).

I cannot explain the feeling that is givin out when we receive these packages alls i can tell you is that no matter what is going on at that moment, its like your problems disapate briefly. thank you again. —CS3 Tudor, Charles W.

Knowing that we have the support of families from home help to increase the moral of the many members of GAVIN TAC-1, and gives special purpose to the many mission we are tasked to conduct. Again, thank you for the gift box, and it is our pleasure to serve families like yours here in Afghanistan.  —LTC Michael Nurse

Not only do your packages of goodies taste great in our tummies, but for a few minutes they give us that feeling of being back home sharing a snack with our families as well. So again, thank you all for the snacks, letters, and the love with a touch of kindness that you all have blessed us with. —SSG Jesus Herrera

We have been blessed to have the continued support of great people like yourselves who take time out of their busy weeks to support the troops with those comfort supplies that are so important for morale. The every day items bring a little bit of home to the war zone and trust me, the items are all used and are very much appreciated. We even share our care packages with the Afghan Army soldiers and civilians that we work with daily. They know the American people support them as well in their struggle to bring peace, security and stability to their country in their long fight to be rid of the Taliban. —SSG Mark E. Pompi

I wanted to take time to thank all of you for the wonderful care packages for my soldiers and I. Your caring and concern are much appreciated. It has been a rough four months so far with much fighting and some losses, recently two more of our soldiers were killed, this time due to a suicide vest bomber. So your caring has done much to help with soldier morale and overall spirits.  —SFC Sean D. Abbott

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