After-school RAP classess filling fast

The Recreation Department reports that some classes in their popular after-school program for kids at Finn, Neary, Woodward, and Trottier are already full. Others have just a few spots left.

The program offers class in a wide range of topics, from outdoor games and sports to knitting and pottery to drama and the performing arts. You can check out the complete list of offerings and find registration information on the Rec Department website.

Classes start the week of September 13 and run for six weeks.

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carrie alpert
13 years ago

has anyone had their child do the golf RAP yet at St. Marks? –i know that you drop the clubs off at St. Marks but how do the kids get from Neary to the golf course? i was planning on giving a call over to the Recreation Dept. office tomorrow but perhaps someone has some information to share.

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