Regional school committee to vote tomorrow on naming recommendations

When longtime Algonquin music director Dennis Wrenn died unexpectedly in February 2009, an effort to rename part of the high school in his honor began. Tomorrow night, Wrenn’s supporters will finally find out if it’s going to happen.

The Regional School Committee is expected to vote on recommendations made by a naming subcommittee last spring. Those recommendations include naming a portion of the high school — most likely the performing arts wing — after Wrenn, naming the varsity baseball field after Algonquin alum and former Major League Baseball great Mark Fidrych who passed away in April 2009, and naming a foreign language lab or other area after Spanish teacher Jean Arathuzik who died in January 2009.

The vote comes at the conclusion of a 3-month public comment period. If you want to show support for any of the nominations, there’s still a bit of time. The public comment period ends tomorrow when the committee meets at 7:00 pm in the library at Algonquin.

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