What the fire department has been up to

Tuesday 9/14/10
04:24 System malfunction, Parkerville Road
07:26 Carbon monoxide detector activation due to malfunction, Edgewood Road
08:20 EMS call, Boston Road
08:30 Vehicle accident with injuries, Route 495 South, north of Route 9
09:27 EMS call, Fiddleneck Lane
11:25 EMS call, Turnpike Road and White Bagley Road

Wednesday 9/15/10
11:02 Unintentional alarm system activation, Turnpike Road
13:12 EMS call, John Street

Thursday 9/16/10
06:22 EMS call, Deerfoot Road
18:21 EMS call, Turnpike Road
21:42 Vehicle accident with injuries, 495 North, south OF 23C

Friday 9/17/10
11:48 EMS call, Worcester Road, Framingham
13:12 EMS call, Turnpike Road

Saturday 9/18/10
10:01 Unintentional alarm system activation, Edgewood Road
21:11 Rescue, EMS call, Killam Farm Lane
22:20 Vehicle accident with injuries, Turnpike Road

Sunday 9/19/10
21:50 Gasoline or other flammable spill, Ted Lane

Monday 9/20/10
12:30 Carbon monoxide detector activation, no carbon monoxide, Wildwood Drive

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13 years ago

does anyone know if we charge for unimtendedalarms. police, fire and ems show up. there have been several at the same house.

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