Stonebrook Village 40B a go, Woodland Meadows still pending

The Metrowest Daily News reports today that one of Southborough’s two proposed 40B affordable housing projects got approval from the Zoning Board this week, while the other is still waiting.

The plan that received approval is Stonebrook Village, a 15-unit development off Oregon Road being developed by Southborough-based Capital Group Properties. Capital Group president William Depietri had previously accused the zoning board of dragging its feet on the project.

As for the other 40B project, Woodland Meadows, a 16-unit townhouse complex off Oak Hill Road, the zoning board has yet to make a decision. but is expected to do so within the next 30 days. Developer Robert Heavey of Natick told the MWDN he will appeal if the board adopts the 50 or so conditions it is considering attaching to the project.

You can read more in this article in the MWDN.

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John Kendall
13 years ago

Two builders accuse the Zoning Board of “dragging its feet”. If the Board is in fact stonewalling these builders in anticipation of a repeal of 40B, can the Town, through the Zoning Board, be held liable? Are we setting up for a lawsuit?

Donna McDaniel
13 years ago

I haven’t any way of judging whether John’s suggestion that the ZBA is “stonewalling” in hopes of seeing 40B repealed is the case. (For those who don’t know yet, a November ballot question seeks to repeal 40B, the law that promotes affordable housing.)
But I’ll suggest there could be an alternative interpretation. Accusing the ZBA of “dragging its feet” might also reflect a developer’s desire to build a case to get rid of 40B, making it seem that the local boards are delaying and causing developers problems, when actually the boards may well be moving with appropriate caution, especially as they listen to concerns of neighbors close by. 40B has brought us some good results in Southborough.

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