What kind of sports coverage do you want to see on the blog?

Photo by Chris Wraight

I’m not a sports writer. I pretended to be one this summer when Southborough went to the Little League championships, but we all know that attempt was a thinly-veiled charade.

But, with the Algonquin and Assabet sports seasons in full swing again, I’m curious about what level of coverage you’d like to see here. The local media covers many of the games and usually prints the scores. Are you interested in me posting a daily report of game results? Or a weekly round-up? Or something else entirely? Or even nothing at all? Are there sports you’re particularly keen on? Let me know in the comments.

In the meantime, Southborough photographer Chris Wraight was busy snapping shots at the Algonquin varsity and junior varsity field hockey games against Milford this week, along with a freshman soccer matchup. Take a look (click to enlarge).

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13 years ago

I think adding high school varsity scores for Algunquin and St Marks would be great to keep up to ‘speed’ on how our local teams are doing while reading your wonderful blog. Also, upcoming weekend local schedules would be great too as its always nice to stop by the field, gym, rink or court to watch sporting events and support local teams, kids, grandkids, friendd’s kids or neighbors kids. Pathetically enough, sometimes I don’t even know how good the teams are until I read the ‘state champs’ signs that are posted on the roads. Thanks.

Jerry, Southboro
13 years ago

No interest.

13 years ago

I should have included Assabet as well. I thought your coverage of the little leaguers was fantastic as did many of my friends, family and coworkers.

13 years ago
Reply to  Mark

Hey Mark, seems you have too much spare time on your hands, I dont have time to even read the headlines, Mr. reporter dont waste your time, paper and ink. I am with Jerry

13 years ago

Johnny the ostrich – I’d say ignorance (ie ‘Mr reporter’, ‘ink’, ‘paper’) is bliss, but it appears as though you’re an angry member of the Southborough community. Back to your cave of ignorance Johnny, the suns coming out and people may be participating in sporting events!

Pat Quill
13 years ago

Absolutely!…… include high school varsity scores! What’s wrong with some of these
posters? Hellooooooooo, this is a “COMMUNITY powered” blog.
You don’t have to know anyone personally to “root, root, root for the home team” ! Just be proud that there are hard working, dedicated young athletes who proudly
where the name Southborough on their jerseys. The “grinches” can pass over the
posts if they are not interested.

Deb Moore
13 years ago

School sports is part of our town life. If Sue wants to clue me in, I’ll be happy to read. (That’s what headlines are for, right? To help us decide if we want to read the smaller text underneath?)

Deb Moore
13 years ago
Reply to  Deb Moore

Er, Susan. I can be a dope. :)

Kelly Roney
13 years ago

There is a a lot of local sports. When I covered Algonquin sports for the Villager in the mid-1990s, I picked one sport per season – football, gymnastics, baseball. The others got an occasional feature story.

I don’t see how you can do it alone, but maybe you could find some high schoolers to write and photograph for you.

13 years ago

As much coverage as you can add!!!
As an Algonquin Parent I will log on everyday to check out the teams & see the photos ~ especially if Chris Wraight is one of the photographers (his photos are much better than most of the Globe photos).
If you could provide coverage of the Southborough kids too (youth soccer, basketball, baseball) that would be great! I agree with you ~ we don’t have an resource that lets know how all the young kids are doing.

Mary Cooley
13 years ago

I live in Maryland, but my nephews live Southborough so I occasionally check this site to see what’s going on. I read all the stories about little league baseball this summer and would love to see move coverage of youth sports.

Margaret Kaigh Doyle
13 years ago

Coverage of local high school sports keeps a town “young”..

Susan, I will certainly send you any pics and info that I collect in my travels! I no longer have a kid in the Southborough schools but, like Chris, I still love to shoot a few games and support those who follow in my sons footsteps! I will definitely send you some soccer, football and XC pics from this season.

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