Southborough resident to run 50 miles for health

Running a marathon is one thing, but how about running from Southborough to Boston and back again? That’s exactly what Southborough resident Dan O’Rourke is planning to do on Saturday. Lucky for O’Rourke he’s planned some stops along the way.

O’Rourke, creator and founder of Southborough-based NRG BAR, says his purpose for doing the 50-mile run is “to raise awareness about nutrition and fitness and how the foods we eat in our society effect the quality of our lives every day.”

Along his route, O’Rourke will make pit stops at five Whole Foods Markets to talk about the benefits of good nutrition and fitness. “People are going through life eating foods with little regard as to where they’re made, who makes them or what they’re made from. Read ingredients is my message,” O’Rourke said. “The foods we eat affect our sleep, our concentration, our relationships and our health, every day.”

O’Rourke will start his run Saturday morning at 7:30 am at the Southborough Library. Stop by and cheer him on.

You can learn more about O’Rourke and NRG BAR on the company’s website ( You can find NRG BAR products at Whole Foods.

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13 years ago

My hamstring hurts from just reading that post. Best of luck to Dan on Saturday!

13 years ago

I wonder if “the Boss” will give him a medical day on Monday if he needs it…

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