Photos: Santa Day in Southborough

I didn’t have the best angle on Santa this year for snapping photos, but there were no bad seats when it came to seeing — and feeling — his arrival.

Santa’s helicopter passed low over the crowd at St. Mark’s field and then landed much closer to the waiting fans than I remembered in year’s past. So close that we were all soundly buffeted by the wind from the rotor. It only added to the fun.

Here are some photos from Santa’s arrival and from the Christmas tree decorating party at the library. Click images to enlarge.

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12 years ago

It was more that he hovered really close above us for quite some time. My mind was jumping back and forth between emergency escape strategies and how incredible awesome it was to be so close. But the child on my shoulders reminded me that it was a bit unsafe because there was realistically no escape strategy. Loved the new chopper, though. Sweet ride.

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