Photos: An epic run for health

Above: Dan O’Rourke (third from left) started his 50 mile route at the Southborough Library on Saturday (photo by Chris Wraight)

Southborough resident Dan O’Rourke ran nearly 50 miles on Saturday from Southborough to Boston and back again to promote his message of health and nutrition. Dan is the founder of NRG BAR which makes all natural energy bars.

I talked to Dan on Monday after his run, and asked him how he felt. Here’s what he had to say:

I’m a bit tired and only a little sore. In the end I ran 48 of the 50 miles and cut it short by 2 miles cause of pain I was feeling in my foot and I was two hours behind schedule, though I still ran the last half mile to the finish.

Dan is a firm believer that the foods we eat effect the quality of our lives every day. He says he has more events planned for this summer and fall to help spread the word.

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