A holiday gift that honors teachers and helps students

Sure you could give your kid’s teacher another mug this holiday season, but how about giving them a gift that keeps on giving instead? Show your appreciation this year by giving your favorite teachers a Red Apple Award.

You give a Red Apple Award by making a tax-deductible donation to the Southborough Education Foundation. Designate which teacher or staff member you want the award to go to, and they’ll receive a certificate with your child’s name on it. You decide the amount of the donation – it won’t be printed on the certificate. Your contribution can honor more than one teacher or staff member.

The Red Apple Award program is a major fundraiser for SEF, which over the past 12 years has distributed more than $230K in grants to Southborough educators. With your contribution, you’ll help support innovative educational programs for your child.

The last day to order a Red Apple Award is Friday, December 17. Here’s the form you need.

Update: When I originally published this story, I wrote that SEF had awarded $23K in grants over the past 12 years. I left out a zero. They’ve actually awarded more than $230,000 in grants. Pretty impressive. (Thanks to Terry for the correction!)

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Just wondering ...
13 years ago

Is the actual amount of the red apple award given specifically to the teacher for her class/projects, or does it go into the general SEF fund that is then awarded to particular projects?

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