Gulbankians, SOLF to go before Conservation Commission on Thursday

For nearly a year now, the Gulbankian family has been meeting with town officials in an effort to continue operating three long-standing businesses on their Mt. Vickery Road property. Their next stop will be the Conservation Commission on Thursday night.

In September the Zoning Board of Appeals asked the family to put together a more detailed plan to address concerns expressed by neighbors over noise, pollution, and lighting on the property.

The Gulbankian family was to present their plan to the ZBA earlier this month, but they requested a continuance so they could meet with the Conservation Commission. Although some members expressed disappointment at the delay, the board ultimately voted to approve the continuance.

On Thursday night the Gulbankians will seek a ruling from the Conservation Commission on whether the area depicted on their plan is subject to the Wetlands Protection Act or the Southborough Wetlands Bylaw.

Also on the agenda for the Conservation Commission is the Southborough Open Land Foundation’s plan to create a shrubland habitat on the Beals Preserve. The plan would call for clearing six acres of land in the preserve.

The Conservation Commission meeting begins at 6:00 pm on Thursday in the Town House Hearing Room. You can see the complete agenda here.

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13 years ago

What wetlands.. they were fillled in years ago. there were 2 small ponds and a small stream that were once in the present location of the bus garage. Also right along Cordaville Rd there was a retention basin that connected to the storm sewers.

How were thse “removed” with out conservation approval.

There has been stretching if he rules for many years on this property.

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