Blizzard warning for Southborough starting Sunday

Looks like we could be in for a big one on Sunday. The National Weather Service has issued winter storm and blizzard warnings for most of the state, including Southborough. The warnings extend from noon on Sunday through noon on Monday.

Southborough emergency personnel are meeting with state officials to stay abreast of the situation. If the storm continues on its current track, Southborough can expect to experience:

  • High damaging winds (gusts to 50+mph)
  • Heavy accumulation snow (2-4 inches per hour, +/- 20″ total)
  • Blowing blinding snow (zero viability at times)
  • High snow drifts
  • Temperatures in the 20’s

Sounds like a good day to stay home and enjoy all your new Christmas presents. If you’re lucky, one of them was a new snow blower.

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