Where are the best sledding spots in Southborough?

It’s the perfect confluence of sledding events: school vacation week and 10 inches of freshly fallen snow. You can bet Southborough kids are making the most of it.

On Facebook I asked folks where the best sledding spots in Southborough are. My favorite as a kid was the hill on the St. Mark’s golf course. Others said Chestnut Hill and Breakneck Hill. A few lived to tell the tale of “suicide hill” off Atwood Street.

What do you think? What sledding spots will you be taking the kids to this week? Share in the comments.

(Photo posted to flickr by thomaspetermueller)

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Seymour Goode
12 years ago

Please… just where on Atwood is Suicide Hill????? Would love to check it out. :)

12 years ago

Sadly Chestnut Hill was missing some snow at the top, the wind must have done a number on it. :(

12 years ago

The best way to get to suicide hill on Attwood is to enter
from the Finn school parking lot. It is on the woods side (running
parallel with parkaville rd) in the middle of the Finn / Mooney
feilds. Entering from the Attwood rd side you will have to walk
down a residents driveway. Not sure how grown in it is now as it
has been years since I have been there. Incendently the real
suicide hill is in the woods off of Hidden Meadow ln which used to
be a hay field. This one has definetly grown in and you will have
to cross a residents property to get to it. It is the old Tennassee
pipe line. To bad as I know of only a few people that have actual
gone down from the very top.

12 years ago

Also I have heard some people have used the Oreo cow feild.
The cows are across the street this time of year. There are small
hills by the road and larger ones far in the back for those that
want a hike.Not sure of the snow conditions are due to the

Bob Smith
12 years ago

When I lived on General Henry Knox Road in the early 70’s
we used to sled on “Sand Hill” on Middle Road next to the barn on
the Hut’s farm. It was a great neighborhood spot and provided many
hours of fun. It seemed enormous to an 11 year old at the time. Is
it still there or has it been developed? We moved out of the area
in 1971 and I haven’t been back since the early 90’s. Great

12 years ago
Reply to  Bob Smith

My past neighbor, Corine, told me about the hill at the end of GHK on Middle. It is now 27 condos (28?), called Meeting House Lane. Too bad, my son would have loved it!

12 years ago

There’s a huge hill on the St. Mark’s golf course, on the Latisquama Rd. side, where plenty of kids sled.

carrie alpert
12 years ago

my son and his good buddy like to go right down to Neary and slide down on the backside of Lundbland into the soccer field, or maybe it is the weeds that lead into the field? Either way the boys are thrilled to have “discovered” this. What i find so refreshing is that when things get closed (as in Framingham Country Club used to have sledding on their course when i was growing up and they shut it down) kids will always find a way to get the job done because sledding in the wintertime in New England is something you just do–

carrie alpert
12 years ago

meant to say Lundblad

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