Suspect in Southbrough break-ins arrested

On Wednesday, Medway police arrested a home burglary suspect after a two-hour manhunt. After additional investigation, the Southborough Police Department says the suspect is also linked to a string of home break-ins in Southborough.

Sergeant Sean James said a search of suspect David King’s East Douglas home found evidence that appears to connect him to break-ins in Southborough along with other area towns.

King stole money and jewelery in the Medway break-in. No word on what on what specific evidence linked him to the Southborough crimes. Medway police said they believe King acted alone.

“Detectives are working vigorously to pull together their cases and submit them to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution,” James said.

The 34-year-old King was arraigned in Wrentham District Court on Thursday and is currently being held on 75,000 bail. He’s expected back in court on January 10.

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12 years ago

Nice job goes out to Southborough and other area police departments.

12 years ago
Reply to  Jeff


12 years ago

This is a big relief. Many thanks to our and surrounding police departments!

12 years ago

Very interesting, the alleged suspect is pretty far away
from Southborough. No reason to let our guard down,

Chris Robbins
12 years ago

Dear Neighbors,
This is good news for all of us.
The arrest was made possible by our hard working area police departments and vigilant home owners who kept their lights on at night which enabled neighbors to see the suspect running. The sighting was immediately reported by a conscientious citizen who noted the suspicious behavior that enabled the Medway Police to make the capture.

The Medway Police Department issued two automated calls on the town’s emergency calling system last Wednesday after a resident immediately reported a break-in at 6:30PM. The first message informed residents of the police presence and asked them to turn on exterior lights; the second call announced the arrest. A homeowner, alerted by the first call, told police he saw a man running through his backyard. Police converged on the area and arrested suspect King.

With citizen involvement, calling the police IMMEDIATELY about suspicious behavior and turning on one’s lights is clearly a means of action we can all take to protect our homes, families and valuables.

To ensure the safety of our Parkerville neighborhood and other streets, find a way to meet your neighbors and let them know when you are leaving for a trip, keep your doors and windows locked and secure your valuables.
The Rotary Club of Southborough and the Town’s Police Department will be conducting a crime prevention seminar. An official annoucement of a time and location will be posted soon.


Chris Robbins
Parkerville Road
Crime Watch Team

12 years ago

The communication in Medway is to be applauded. The two automated messages that went out allowed the community access to correct information at the appropriate time. I am still concerned that even after several break ins in our town many people were unaware of the situation.

Chris, I agree with you. Meet your neighbors- one of the best ways to be vigilant is to look out for each other.

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