No cancellation or delay expected for Southborough schools on Thursday

Superintendent of Schools Charles Gobron said tonight he expects Southborough schools will open with no delay Thursday morning despite Wednesday’s heavy snow.

The final decision will be made on Thursday morning. “I will be up at 4:45 am and will have further discussions with safety officials and superintendents of Westborough, Marlborough, Shrewsbury, and Assabet Valley Regional, so a final decision would be made then,” Gobron said.

Gobron said he wants school to open on time, but will delay or cancel if safety becomes an issue.

“The district is fairly large geographically and we have occasions when most neighborhoods are clear and safe for travel while other places present a bit of a challenge. Parents and families should always feel free to keep their children home or arrive late for school when they feel safety is an issue,” he said.

I don’t plan to be up at 4:45 tomorrow morning to hear Gobron’s final decision, so if it impacts you, be sure to check your normal sources for the official school closing/delay information.

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