Storm update: A change in forecast

Above: As of mid-morning, a good couple inches of snow was on the ground

Southborough Emergency Management Director Neal Aspesi says the National Weather Service has changed the forecast for today, and that means some good news and some bad news for us. Here’s his update:

Colder air will persist for a longer duration than originally forecast.  This will result in a longer duration of snow and a scientifically longer duration of sleet & freezing rain (ice).  Change over to all rain is still possible for late today.

While less rain will lesson the potential for flooding and exacerbated snow (from previous storm) weights, it will increase the potential for downed trees and power lines and hazardous travel.  Due to the large forecasted area for icing, power outages/repairs could be out/take significant time.

We are monitoring the forecast and have taken steps to review our special populations and sheltering plans.  The Southborough CERT/MRC is in the process of creating a roster of available volunteers, if needed

Has anyone been out on the roads? How are things out there?

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13 years ago

Was out @ 11 or so…very sloppy. Rte. 9 East looked like 8AM at White’s Corner…backed up from the light at Oak Hill and back over the hill by Eagle Leasing, so I don’t know how far exactly.

Westbound was fine, and DPW was just getting to secondary roads like Latisquama. But even main roads like Rte. 30 in front of the Community House were sloppy/slippery.

13 years ago

went to Dublin from Peterborough at 9:30, back after 11:30 the roads were pretty thickly covered (even route 101) and side roads were sketchy. please people, if you must take a walk, wear boots and stay on the sidewalks when available–still only covered with about 5 inches of fluff–better than getting hit!

13 years ago

What sidewalks? They were not plowed from the last storm.

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