Firefighters battle two chimney fires on Monday

Above: The fire department responded to a chimney fire on Lynbrook Road (photo courtesy of the Southborough Fire Department)

Southborough’s new ladder truck was pressed into active duty on Monday as the fire department responded to two chimney fires in town. In both cases the fire was contained to the chimney, so neither house was significantly damaged and no injuries were reported. Here are the details, along with photos, from the Southborough Fire Department.

Chimney fire on Lynbrook Road
Firefighters responded at 2:09 pm to a report of a possible chimney fire on Lynbrook Road. Temperatures were in the single digits at the time of the call.  Firefighters arrived to find fire possibly burning in the chimney.

Tower 21 was set up to the chimney, which was difficult to access from the ground. A blockage was cleared in the chimney. Damage did not extend outside of the chimney. No injuries were reported.

Chimney fire on Mt. Vickery Road
Firefighters responded to a Mt. Vickery Road home at 11:12 pm for a chimney fire – the second one of the day.

A chimney clogged with creosote built up enough heat to ignite the creosote. Arriving firefighters found a red-hot chimney connector pipe, and light smoke in the house. The fire was extinguished in the wood-burning appliance, as well as the chimney. Damage was confined to the chimney. No injuries were reported.

All fire apparatus cleared the incident at 12:31 AM

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Update: I originally reported that these two incidents happened on Tuesday, but they actually occurred on Monday.

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