Are we in for some serious flooding this year?

Above: Southborough saw major flooding after heavy rains last March

Roof issues have taken center stage recently when it comes to talking about the weather, but several of you have said what you’re really concerned about is flooding. Looks like you have reason to be.

Southboorugh Emergency Management Director of Operations Neal Aspesi said in a recent email that flooding from the seasonal thaw is going to be “a moderate to serious issue this year.”

The extent of the issue, of course, depends on the weather. Aspesi said the best-case scenario would be a slow thaw with no additional precipitation. We’ll have to wait and see if that pans out.

In the meantime, Aspesi passed along some suggestions for things you can do to prepare for the potential flooding.

  • Identify potential flooding areas/buildings
  • Take steps to mitigate/limit damage to those areas (inc. install sump-pumps, dig drainage culverts and raise items off the floor, etc)
  • Clear drainage systems (streets and buildings) and culverts
  • Clear snow away from buildings
  • Hope for the best

Gotta love that last one.

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12 years ago

We’re going to get a sump-pump in preparation for the thaw. Last year we remarkably had no water in our house during the storms. But oddly we have wet spots in random areas of our basement this year. And hideous ice dams 6-10 inches thick. Ugh!!!

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