Snow caused structural damage to some buildings in Southborough

Above: Snow piled on the roof of a Southborough garage

If you read through the fire log earlier today, you might have noticed several calls for “weakened or collapsed” buildings in the past week. Not a surprise, I suppose, given the number of roof collapses across the state recently.

Fire Chief John Mauro Jr. said there have been no catastrophic collapses in Southborough, but some buildings have sustained structural damage due to heavy snow and ice.

Last Wednesday, the Southborough Fire Department was called to Trottier Middle School because of excess snow on the roof. The school was closed on Thursday to allow crews time to clean off the snow. Superintendent Charles Gobron said the snow and ice caused some damage to the roof that would require repair, but did not comment on the extent of the damage.

On Sunday snow and ice slid down the roof of a Cordaville Road home and dislodged an external masonry block chimney, pushing it away from the house, Mauro said. On Monday snow and ice caused a wooden structural support bean to crack at a Turnpike Road building.

The fire department was also called to a Parkerville Road home on Sunday where snow was thought to have detached a porch from the house, but the damage there was determined to be preexisting.

Mauro said there were no injuries reported in any of these incidents.

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