Two candidates pull nomination papers in the race for selectman

Voters love choices, and this year it looks they’ll have one in the race for selectman. Two candidates have pulled nomination papers to run for a seat on the board in May.

Ward Road resident Jeffrey Rosenberg and Blendon Woods resident Daniel Kolenda both pulled papers yesterday. The candidates have to return their papers with the required 44 signatures by March 21 for their names to show up on the ballot.

An Iraq war veteran and lawyer, Kolenda is currently serving on the Regional School Committee. He publicly endorsed John Rooney in last year’s election.

A political newcomer, Southborough businenessman Rosenberg told the Metrowest Daily News he had decided to run for the position even before Chairperson Bonnie Phaneuf unexpectedly pulled out of the race and resigned her seat on the board earlier this week.

Rosenberg owns Southborough-based Modulation Magic Inc., and with his wife Kelly runs Every Body Balance, a Pilates and yoga studio on Route 30.

In related news, View Hill Road resident Kathleen Bartolini has pulled nomination papers for a seat on the Planning Board. Incumbent Charles Gaffney, whose term on the Planning Board is up this year, has not said publicly if he will run again.

The last day for candidates to pull papers is March 18. Town elections will be held on May 9.

Note to the candidates: I plan to run a “meet the candidate” series again this year, giving all candidates an opportunity to post a personal statement on the blog. Contact me ( for more information. The series will start sometime in March or April.

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12 years ago

This will hopefully become a spirited race.

12 years ago

I wonder where the term “pull papers” comes from. Is it ever used in any other context than running for an office?

What do they do?
12 years ago
Reply to  Debbie

Contractors “pull permits”. I don’t know where the term comes from. I’d be interested to learn.

Paul Cimino
12 years ago

I have known Dan Kolenda for many years, and I have always been very inspired by his selfless service to our Town (Housing Authority, Advisory Committee, Regional School Committee), as well as our Nation (Iraq War veteran, Major in the Army Reserve, member of VFW and American Legion). He is a civic-minded fellow in the best sense of that phrase, and I believe he would be a strong and thoughtful addition to the Board of Selectmen.


Part Timer
12 years ago

If Dan is in the Army Reserve, isn’t it possible he could be called up? If that happens we could be a very long time without a voice and a potential deadlock on the BOS. I also have a real concern with folks who get on committees/boards for a year and move on to the next gig without finishing at least one term first. Thanks for your service Dan, and all the Veterans.

Al Hamilton
12 years ago
Reply to  Part Timer

While I was Chair of the Advisory committee and Dan was a member he was called to active duty to serve in Iraq. He could have held on to his seat but he resigned to make way for another member so that we could continue our duties with a full complement.

The idea that we should not vote for someone because he or she might be called on to defend our country is troubling at best. Remember, the draft is still on the books and a significant portion of the male population of Southborough could be called on to defend our country in times of crisis. Are they to be disqualified as well?

12 years ago
Reply to  Al Hamilton

Very well said!!!

John Kendall
12 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

Very well said indeed Al.

Mike Hanigan
12 years ago

Part Timer – I have never met Dan Kolenda but I appreciate the time that every town volunteer expends for the rest of us. I thank him for volunteering. Its a thankless job.

Mike Fuce
12 years ago

Part Timer, Kind of like the present pres of US correct? Never had a real job either. Jumped form Congress to the presidency after not completing one term as the congressperson from IL! Mr. Loenda has done more for this town, our sprots programs, schools and our country than most anyone I know. Typically those type of comments come from people who have a “hidden agenda” and flavor it with oh btw, thank you for your service to the country. Dan, you run brother. You are a great candidate and will make a very good board member.

12 years ago
Reply to  Mike Fuce

I’m sorry, I re-read part timer’s post 4 times and did not see any references to our President. And if you recheck his bio, you will see that he did indeed have a ‘real’ job before his political career.

12 years ago

Do either of these candidates have a position on the tax rates ? As I recall, the vote was very close about whether to maintain a single rate or move to a dual rate for residential and commercial ?

Part Timer
12 years ago

Thanks Al you answered my question, “he resigned to make way for another member so that we could continue our duties with a full complement”. Any time someone runs for an elected position in government all aspects should be considered. Mike Fuce has no “hidden agenda” Thanks Lola!

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