School committee holds off on budget discussion

Superintendent Charles Gobron told the K-8 School Committee last week that the school budget is in a bit of a holding pattern until more information comes in.

“Tonight we do not have another revised budget for you to consider,” Gobron told the committee. “We thought it would be prudent to wait until we meet again on March 9.”

Gobron said by next month they should have a better handle on staffing changes due to leaves of absence and retirements. He also said he hopes to have details of the teacher contract ironed out.

“I’m very hopeful that by our next meeting we will have the teacher contract settled,” Gobron said. “I know I may be optimistic, but that would really help us.”

Details of the teacher contract currently under negotiation have not been revealed.

Last month the school committee unanimously approved a preliminary $17M budget for the schools. At a joint meeting in February, selectmen and other town officials pushed school officials to lower their spending.

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