Frost heave damages railroad crossing

Above: Ripped up pavement at the Main Street crossing in downtown Southborough

A frost heave disrupted pavement at the railroad crossing on Main Street in downtown Southborough earlier this month. Fire Chief John Mauro Jr. said he noticed the problem on a Sunday morning and called the CSX dispatcher.

CSX removed a section of the damaged pavement because it had been pushed up too high and could have caused a derailment, DPW Superintendent Karen Galligan said. Galligan said CSX will need to make permanent repairs to the crossing, but those haven’t been scheduled.

The pavement at the Main Street crossing was relatively new. CSX made repairs in May 2009 that included replacing the old timber crossing with pavement.

Updated 2:20 pm: CSX replaced a rail on the track that crosses Central Street today, and I just learned that while they were in town they swung by Main Street and repaired the sidewalk at the crossing there.

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