MWDN: Northboro-Southboro football team switching leagues faces lawsuit

Emails about this situation have been making the rounds in Southborough lately, so some of you may have heard about it already. The Northboro/Southboro Youth Football and Cheer Association ( has decided to switch from Pop Warner to join the the Central Massachusetts American Youth Football and Cheer Conference. Their decision is not going over well with the powers that be at Pop Warner.

Last Tuesday, Pop Warner filed a lawsuit in Worcester Superior Court, alleging the association’s $20,000 to $30,0000 in equipment and $90,000 bank account belong to Pop Warner because the money was raised under its auspices.

T-Hawks President Kevin Barry said yesterday that the organization is in the process transferring its assets from the old organization to the new one. Barry said he believes the money is local and belongs to those who donated it, rather than to Pop Warner.

The two sides are scheduled to meet this afternoon in Worcester Superior Court. Pop Warner attorney John Altmare said he hopes an agreement can be reached today.

Read all the details in the Metrowest Daily News. The reasons behind youth football’s decision to switch conferences are further explained in this email that was sent to parents, coaches, and players.

(Photo from Northboro/Southboro Youth Football and Cheer Association)

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13 years ago

It is amazing to me that Central Mass Pop Warner includes Boston, Springfield, Manchester, Ct and Chicopee. I will have to update my map! Seems to me that it is all about the money and CMASS PW cares little about the kids. The letter about the reasons for leaving appear to be logical although when adults and money are involved, logic takes a back seat!

Papa Rosa
13 years ago

My kids were involved with T-Hawks football for several years, and the explanation for the switch is perfectly reasonable. Why travel to Leominster, Worcester and Boston to get slaughtered by huge teams of kids who outweigh yours by 20 pounds per boy?

Pop Warner’s response is petulant and ill-advised.

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