Two things that could impact Southborough’s budget (and not for the better)

I was out of town last week, so I didn’t attend the Board of Selectmen meeting, but the Metrowest Daily News reports selectmen discussed two items that could have a big impact on the town’s budget. Here’s a recap in case you missed the stories in the MWDN.

Algonquin lawsuit may affect Southborough’s budget approach

As you’ve probably heard, telecommunications lawsuits settled earlier this year freed up about $1M in cash that voters will need to decide what to do with. Selectmen and the Advisory Committee are considering whether to recommend holding the money in reserve in case we lose the lawsuit with Northborough over assessments from the Algonquin building project.

Selectman John Rooney said he doesn’t think Southborough will lose, but if we do it will cost around $1M.

In June of last year the Advisory Committee set aside $50K for the legal battle. Northborough had previously set aside $100K to fund their litigation. Last November, Northborough filed papers with Worcester Superior Court asking for a declaratory judgment against Southborough .

You can read more about the discussion on how to use the telecommunications money in the MWDN here.

Selectmen: New EPA regulations would cost Southborough millions

The US Environmental Protection Agency is considering new stormwater regulations that Selectmen say could cost the town nearly $3M over the next five years. Selectmen recently sent the EPA a letter strongly opposing the proposed regulations, saying they are “needless, costly and provide little to no benefit to the environment.”

The EPA is collecting feedback from municipalities and is expected to make a decision sometime after March 11. If they decide to approve the regulations, it could impact the upcoming budget cycle.

Read more in the MWDN here.

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carrie alpert
13 years ago

so, i read this and once again am left shaking my head–and on other blogs we discuss this very issue–what is critical to move the country forward right now, keep us afloat now–3 years from now–5 years from now and so on.
if the EPA wants to throw down such a heavy gauntlet in such a economically barren time then they should back it up with heavy funds for the towns they are targeting. –if you are not outraged then you are not paying attention. I continue to be left speechless these days at the ways by which those in the “know” think are trying to move us forward. Let’s strip the basic programs like taking food subsidy assistance from single mother’s now so in 5 years we will have to assist her with housing because she will no longer be able to afford that because she was getting by 5 years ago and making herself a better person for herself and her child but we had to chip away at the National Debt so we took away her food. Where did they take their economics classes?
yes, i think we should let the EPA take away all of our towns cash.

13 years ago

EPA? Thanks for all of Massachusetts votes for Obama Administration. Same on Romney care and Obama Care. Totally unfunded mandates (EPA, Obamacare and Roneycare) pushed to the states and towns. Do you get it libs yet? Better yet wake up middle class and Conservatives. Or like most liberal leftists you dont care, you like what is happening? I just finished my State taxes. 22 pages. Up from 8 before Romney Care. 14 pages of health care penealties and paperwork. Good job Mr and Mrs Liberal and Leftists. Your plicicies and opinions work great – Wrong.

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