Neighbors raise issues about zoning at Pizza 19 property

Is a pizza place a restaurant? You might think that’s an easy question to answer, but when it comes to zoning regulations, there’s room for interpretation. The Zoning Board of Appeals will have to figure out the answer to that question and more as they consider whether the new Pizza 19 should be allowed to continue to operate.

Neighbors of the new pizzeria at 150 Framingham Road have appealed the building inspector’s decision to allow the business, citing a number of potential zoning violations, ranging from signage to parking to multiple occupancy use.

Pizza 19 opened last month. They’re the latest in a string of businesses that have operated on the property in recent years. Restaurants have operated there on and off since a 1967 variance allowed the use.

Newton Street resident David McIntire presented a list of potential violations to the Zoning Board of Appeals last night. After a lengthy discussion with McIntire and other neighbors, Pizza 19 owner Pedro Franco, property owner Ralph Iannone, and building inspector Dave Gusmini, the board decided they needed input from Town Counsel Aldo Cipriano on several of the issues before they could issue a ruling.

The hearing was continued to the board’s next meeting on March 30. Pizza 19 can remain open in the meantime.

You can read more about the zoning issues raised last night in this article in the Metrowest Daily News.

Pizza 19 plans to open this week, neighbors not happy

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mike e
12 years ago

Has anyone tried the pizza here? Any good?

Living the dream
12 years ago

Heard it was good from some of the cops. They say better than Southborough House. A little pricey but this is Southborough and downtown is expensive too.

12 years ago

Its ok, not the thin crust I was hoping for.

If the owners are reading this (i assume they are) here’s some advice: make really good Italian Style Thin Crust Pizza (like you would find at Sweet Tomatoes or the Upper Crust) and you will clean up in this town. We don’t need anymore Greek Style pizza. – no offense.

12 years ago

I agree with djd66! The owner seems really nice, but the pizza is the same as Sboro House, Eros, and Mama Rosa’s. Greek.

I would LOVE some New York Style pizza.

12 years ago

Cant this landlord get his stuff together? Personally, Im sick of hearing all about how one business moved out, the other moved in, repeat, repeat, repeat.
Benchmark Deli was fantastic, and Pizza 19 is great too. My family got food from there a few nights ago and loved it, some things are more expensive than Sboro House, but some stuff is a lot cheaper which is great.

If this place shuts down they should just stop trying to get others to buy & waste their money on the property…its not worth all the fuss.

12 years ago

Totally agree with the need for real italian/new york style pizza.

As for their issues with the town……shame on Iannone for allowing another aspiring restaurateur without all his “t’s crossed”. And the neighbors have been abutting a restaurant for decades – everyone should have aired their concerns and complaints before another lease was signed. I really feel sorry for Franco, he’s just trying to make a living….like the guys from Benchmark.

12 years ago

“Restaurants have operated there on and off since a 1967 variance allowed the use.”

Are the people complaining about this place new since 1967? If so, you knew it was there before you purchased your place. It’s a major road with loads of traffic, get over it. The place isn’t a night club with loud music and people hanging out all night long.

We ordered the other day and I wasn’t impressed with the pizza. Like the others have posted it’s another Greek style pizza which isn’t for me. The owner was very nice and I wish him the best of luck.

12 years ago

Isn’t this where Maureen’s Ice Cream used to be? Ah, memories . . . .

Townie D
12 years ago

Da-man Could not of said it better!!!!!! If the complainer(s) came in after 1967 YOU knew what you moved in next to! Stop the complaining!!! Get over it!!! Good luck to pizza 19!

12 years ago

The gyro & Greek chicken salad were really good. The pizza was the same as SHOP. The owners seemed really nice & they deliver. Maybe they will try out the NY style or thin crust pizza we are all craving. I wish them all the best, we always support the businesses in town.

12 years ago

I wish this guy all the luck in the world. He probably invested his life savings to start this business, and this is what he has to deal with. This town is unfriendly to business, and it’s a problem.

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